Sinchies….are a sinch to use!

Having a little one with food intolerances and allergies can be a real juggle. Often we have to cook from base ingredients to ensure our little ones aren’t exposed to irritants. So when my second daughter came along I knew I had to tread carefully and watch for the signs if she also would be very sensitive to foods like her older sister, Miss S. So with my Thermomix ready, we started the introduction to solids journey (with scrunched eyes and crossed fingers).

Miss J (11 months) has been doing great! She’s mostly still on purees and making a big mess. I love the convenience of food pouches, but of course needed something reusable so I can take my home made food with me when out and about. Sinchies are a great product created by Sam, a day care educator from the Sunshine Coast. There are now a few of these products on the market, but these are the features I’m loving about the Sinchies food pouch:

Clear / opaque colour: means you can easily see what’s inside and how much is left! I remember with my firstborn trying to find and squeeze any residue left behind. With these you know when to quit squeezing! Baby or toddler can also see what it is they’re eating and be more engaged with their food.

Contents label: This is a very clever feature, which other re-usable pouches don’t have, where you can easily write the contents and the date.

Free standing: The Sinchies have been designed well so that the base of the pouch can stand upright easily.

Easy to clean: The inside of the pouch is very rounded so there are no corners for food bits to hide in. I just use my Dishmatic dish brush to clean inside and then a small teat brush to clean around the spout and zip lock if necessary. Again, because it’s clear you can easily see if the pouch is 100% clean.

Variety of sizes: 1 litre, 500ml, 200ml, 140ml and 80ml.

How to fill

You can easily fill them from the bottom through the zip lock pouch. It does get a little messy spooning food in, but you can also get a purpose made funnel which works really well. Another option if cooking in bulk is to use a 1-litre pouch to then fill multiple smaller pouches.

How many uses?

I personally have only used these for baby purees so far, but there are countless ways of using these pouches including: yogurt, smoothies, milkshakes, soups, mayonnaise, dressings and even a piping bag substitute when baking cupcakes. They can also be used for storage in the pantry for 100’s and 1000’s, breadcrumbs and seeds and ideal for easy pouring. But I’m also looking forward to trialling the 80ml size next time we go travelling – they are a suitable size for the international liquid restriction and could be used for body wash, shampoo, moisturiser and sunscreen. They will also be handy when taking my own washing detergent and dish washing liquid.

The verdict

For me, these are a really great alternative to store bought packet food. The screw top spoons also fit nicely onto the spout for baby purees. They are functional and easy to use and I can see myself using them as Miss J moves through the weaning stages and into the toddler years for healthy, additive free meals and snacks.

Sinchies Josie 2 Sinchies Josie 1

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