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4MyEarth Sandwich Wrap


4MyEarth® aim’s to help make a difference in healing our earth, starting with the little things. Our products help make it easy for you to change your lifestyle so you can contribute towards a brighter cleaner and happier earth for generations to come. We love developing and finding eco friendly alternate solutions. 4MyEarth® is proudly Australian owned and operated.

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Product Description

4MyEarth® reusable sandwich wraps and pockets are an environmentally friendly way to wrap up food that can be used again and again.

Finally an easy and non-toxic product that is better for you and our earth.

  • 100% Cotton/Canvas fabric
  • PVC free
  • non-toxic
  • heavy metal free
  • phthalate free
  • BPA free
  • coating decomposes without harm to environment- unlike PUL or Nylon which is not biodegradable
  • wraps and pockets are all hand, dishwasher or machine washable
  • 4MyEarth wraps and pockets will last you not just one year, but several years!

Our wraps and pockets are Ethically handmade in India.

With so many concerns with plastics and their effects on our bodies such as preservatives 320 & 321 4MyEarth® Fabrics are a great alternative to clip seal bags and plastic wrap.

At 4MyEarth® we have worked out a rough guide as to how much a child would use in plastic wrap based on a sandwich, muffin and nuts/sultanas in their lunch bag each day for a year. We worked it out to be 105 metres of plastic wrap that would be dumped into our ever increasing landfill. Times this by a small school of 450 students and it comes to a massive 47,250 metres per year!