Mother's Corn Kiddy Lunch box with Lid and Bag
Mother's Corn Kiddy Lunch Box with Lid and Bag

Mother’s Corn – Kindy Lunch Box (Lid and Bag)


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Product Description

Eco-friendly tableware for parents concerned about the toxicity of the cups, plates, spoon and fork your kids eat and drink from! Train and support your children’s eating habits with Mother’s Corn Kindy Lunch Box. It’s our first portable lunch box available for take-away use with an addition of a lid and bag! NOTE: This product is non-microwaveable.

Mother’s Corn

BPA Free

As Mother’s Corn products are made from corn, they are natural tableware and your baby can enjoy healthy and safe meals with our products. Mother’s Corn products are also non-toxic and free from hazardous substances such as environmental hormones like BPA,carcinogenic ingredients like Phthalate and PVC so you can be assured that your baby is protected.

Using non-toxic ink

As the ink used in the printing of designs on Mother’s Corn products is certified non-toxic, our products are safe when your baby chews on them. Mother’s Corn always prioritizes baby’s safety and health as paramount. Therefore, we aim to minimize printed designs on the surfaces of our products that come into contact with food or your baby’s mouth.