Little Frenchy - Les Jouets Libres Tik Atak
Little Frenchy - Les Jouets Libres Tik Atak 2

Little Frenchy – TIC TAC TOE


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Product Description

Les Jouets Libres (Eco-Friendly Games)

Les Jouets Libres designs and produces natural, healthy and creative games for children worldwide.

Premium, eco-friendly and modern, the games are unique and have appealing graphics which boost the wooden toy’s look.

A slight twist on the original game of TIC TAC TOE, it’s a battle between two crab families. The children get involved from the start being creative by personalising each piece with the stickers provided.

From the age of 5, 2 players

Composition : 10 wooden pieces, crab (3cm) 10 wooden pieces, flea (1,5cm) 22 stickers 1 printed bag

Size : H19cm x L15cm x P2cm Weight : 100 g GOTS

Organic cotton bag, no-toxic vegetable ImprimVert inks, sustainable wood from Jura.

Design : Roman Krajewski

Designed and Made in France