Little Frenchy - Les Jouets Libres Mistigri
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Little Frenchy – Mistigri Game


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Product Description

Les Jouets Libres (Eco-Friendly Games)

Les Jouets Libres designs and produces natural, healthy and creative games for children worldwide.

Premium, eco-friendly and modern, the games are unique with very appealing graphics.

The original pair card game with an added feature of trying to find the 7 differences. A GAME GETTING RID OF THE CAT

MISTIGRI is a game of chance and assembling pairs. In order to win, the players will need to get rid of their cards by assembling them in pairs. The last one, who stays with the Mistigri in his/her hands, loses the game. At the end of the game, players may have fun trying to find out the 7 differences hidden on the pairs. 3 Mistigris are provided, to increase the length of the game.

From the age of 3

2 to 4 players

Composition : 43 cards (9,3cm x 6,5cm) 1 silk-screened bag

Size : H16,5cmxL10cmxP2cm

Weight : 120 g Printed on paper sustainable forest (FSC), GOTS organic cotton bag, no-toxic vegetable Imprim Vert inks.

Design : Madame MO Designed and Made in France