Our Story

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We all look forward to our journey to parenthood with great anticipation and it can be stressful and emotional when it is not quite what we expected.

Managing children with eczema, food allergies and other skin sensitivities can naturally be an overwhelming and a challenging experience. We all know there is no cure but there are some things that make our journey easier.

I can recall the uninspiring bath time products, the lengthy food preparation, the hours spent reading food labels in the supermarket aisle, the intense moisturising routines, the numerous doctors visits for steroid creams, the constant battle to educate family and friends, limited take away options and the hours spent trawling the internet for suitable products for my daughter.

Isn’t being a parent stressful enough!

Lester & Darnie eases the need to understand every ingredient and chemical contained by only stocking natural products. Products are all 100% organic, bamboo (hypo allergenic) or chemical free whilst maintaining focus on providing new, exciting and aesthetically pleasing products.

As parents we only want the best for our children and at Lester & Darnie we provide quality, safe, superior products that are both child and environmentally friendly whilst maintaining their beauty, functionality, educational benefit and cost effectiveness.

Lester & Darnie brings you an avenue to confidently purchase products to support you in creating a safe and comfortable environment at home.

With 1 in 10 Australian babies born with allergies and over 315,000 children nationwide already with allergies there is an ongoing need for these products to be easily accessible for parents and others wanting to purchase a natural gift for a child.

Miriam xo