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Introducing Mothers Corn Bubbles


All Mothers Corn products are made of PLA (Poly Lactic Acid), derived from Corn Starch so they are all natural, eco-friendly, biodegradable and anti-bacterial.

The solution is completely chemical free and non-toxic, so a great natural way to play with bubbles.  The solution is made from natural cellulose extracted from trees and is often used for medical purpose or as a food additive. 

The blower and tray are made form corn-starch, which is non-toxic, BPA and free of any environmental hormones.

The Bubbles

The bubbles are exceptionally long lasting, which means the bubbles hang around providing great value for money.

Due to the stickiness of the plant extract the bubbles can be stacked so children can see how bubbles they collect and practise counting! They can be stacked when the bubbles have turned from rainbow to clear!

There are 5 openings in the blower so there is always a large volume of bubbles produced with each blow!

The Blower

The blower has an inbuilt reflux system to reduce the chance of any backflow. You just need to outline to your child not to hold the blower vertical to prevent any backflow that may occur.


Given the bubbles are long lasting and the quality of the blower and solution stand provided this item is appropriately priced at $19.90.

You can purchase these at http://www.lesteranddarnie.com.au.


The bubbles won’t be as effective if the solution has been shaken up so I would suggest leaving the bottle settle to reduce any bubbles in the bottle. So do not shake the bottle before using! Only fill the tray half way with the solution to prevent spillage, your child will get about 25 blows from this amount. Make sure your child fully immerses the blower into the solution to get the full benefit of the blower.

Different breathing techniques will deliver varied results in the size of the bubbles! For example a long slow breath will create lots of bubbles! Short and Long breathes will differ the size of bubbles eg. Small / Large

You can only start stacking the bubbles once they have turned clear.

I would recommend cleaning surfaces and the floor after use as the plant extract (solution) does go sticky when dry and potentially slippery.


Lester & Darnie Blog Disclaimer

Information on this blog is for educational purposes only. Lester & Darnie recommend you seek qualified medical advice that considers your individual circumstances before using or relying upon information of a medical nature.

Lester & Darnie do not represent that information on this blog is complete, accurate, current, or suitable for your individual circumstances. If you use or rely on any information on this blog, you do so at your own risk. Lester & Darnie take no responsibility for any loss, injury or damage of any kind that you may suffer in connection with your use or application of any information on this blog.


  1. Allergy parent says

    As a parent of a child who has suffered through a corn allergy, I would appreciate you rethinking your title for this product write up where you are saying that ‘No child will be irritated playing with these bubbles’.
    Also, your comments implying that as it is a natural product and used as a food additive, it won’t cause issues is also incorrect and is sending the wrong message to those who deal with the unknown element of food allergies, as well as sending mixed messages to the wider community who do not fully understand food allergies and how far reaching elegies are – when they can exist to any food product, no matter how naturally occurring it is.

    • Miriam Fois says


      Thank you for taking the time to send me your feedback!

      I have reread the post and can understand your concern with regards to the title and subsequently I have made a change.

      You are right in saying that allergies can be caused by anything and as an allergy parent myself we always need to proceed with caution when trying any new product.

      Thank you


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