Our Journey with Eczema & Experience with Four Cow Farm – By Mel

My Journey…

My name is Mel and I’m a Mum of two precious girls, Miss S who is 3 and Miss J who is now 10 months. Our allergy journey began when Miss S was 8 months old and she began to develop eczema. From then until now we have been on a journey of piecing together the puzzle of Miss 3’s health and her environment and how both affect her skin. She has an acute allergy to dairy, an extensive list of food and ingested chemical intolerances as well as sensitivity to her surroundings. By removing known irritants and focusing on gut health, we have begun to manage her condition (with the aid of RPAH elimination diet/Failsafe and the GAPS diet protocol). Although her eczema is not yet ‘cured’, we are hopeful and focused on exploring other strategies to remove it completely from her life. And to help us make her as comfortable as we can until then.

I was very excited to hear about the Lester & Darnie online store and Miriam’s vision for her business. I’m always on the search for products that can help me relieve my daughter’s discomfort rather than adding to it, so I was relieved when Miriam introduced me to the Four Cow Farm range. The products can be purchased individually or in a kit.

How I came about Four Cow Farm….

I first heard about the four cow farm products from a morning tea chat with Miriam. Miriam began by saying that they were produced by a family on a farm in nearby Maleny (which only has four cows, hence the name). A Grandmother and former midwife wanted to create safe products for her two grandchildren that were made from pure, natural and organic ingredients. I’m embarrassed to admit that my first thought was: chemical free? Yeah, yeah… I’ve heard that one before. Because Miss S has very sensitive skin, we can’t use 99% of the ‘eczema’ creams on the market, even those claiming to be organic and/or chemical free. But, I’m humbly (and actually quite happily) admitting my scepticism and pre-judgment was wrong…

Firstly, you know a business appreciates their clients when they take the time to wrap your purchases beautifully. I love getting presents, so this touch always gets points with me. Thank you, Miriam! When I first opened the wrapping from my delivery I loved the look of the products. The packaging and labeling is appealing with an earthy look and each product is individualised by it’s own colour. I feel like I’m holding a product I would want to buy, not just a product to treat skin issues (my medicine cupboard is full of boring plain white bottles). The first thing I do when I pick up a new skincare product is look at the ingredient list and find out what is actually in it. What I loathe is when I have to search for this information. When I have to spend five minutes scouring the whole bottle just to find a mention of its contents I start to wonder, what are you trying to hide from me? But it was refreshing to see that four cow farms efficiently and openly communicate all the ingredients included in the product, and even the ones that aren’t.


From the first application I could see the products are gentle on the most sensitive skin. All the products have a subtle pleasant scent from natural ingredients, not artificial perfumes which Miss S instantly reacts to with ‘stinging’ skin.

So let me tell you a little bit about my experience with each product.

Nappy Cream: The nappy cream was the first product I tried because coincidentally Miss J was having some messy nappies resulting in some nasty redness the day the pack arrived on my doorstep. This cream is much thinner than many of the nappy creams on the market I’ve used in the past, making it easier to apply and spread over the area. Quicker application and less contact means less irritation and discomfort for baby. Also it means the area can breathe to help the healing process. The irritation was soothed and the redness calmed down very quickly after only a couple of applications. Happy bubby, happy Mummy! I’ve used this product many times now and always put it on at the last nappy change of the day to protect her little bottom from a very wet nappy by morning.

Baby Oil: This one is my favourite product from the kit. Miss S can get very dry skin very quickly when she has an eczema flare, and this oil hydrates the skin again and soothes the itchiness. And no stinging! Hooray! The redness of her skin calms down soon after application. It’s very easy to apply – I squeezed an amount about the size of a ten cent piece into the palm of my hand, rubbed both hands together and then gently applied to the arms and then repeated this process for her legs. To treat a specific area of inflammation I’ll dab a bit onto my forefinger and apply it liberally onto the dry patch of skin. The oil soaks in after a few minutes leaving the skin subtle and soft. I initially apply this first to re-hydrate the skin, and then apply the lotion as a second layer. I often massage the residue left on my palms onto my own elbows! The oil can also be used to treat cradle cap. Just apply to the scalp, wait a few minutes before washing off with the baby wash.

Baby Lotion: This product I use on Miss J as an everyday moisturiser. Being a new little bub I was hesitant to use any off the shelf moisturiser on her skin, so I wouldn’t use anything. Some of the ingredients in most products I just don’t want touching her skin. But now, we apply this body lotion once a day on her beautiful delicate baby skin after a bath in the evening. Being a lotion, it’s a light everyday moisturiser. Similar to the baby oil, I squeeze a bit the size of a ten-cent piece onto my palm and then rub both my palms together and apply to the limbs, then repeat for the torso and back. Now massaging bub and applying the lotion as part of her bedtime routine has become a special time for us. And it smells gorgeous too.

Baby Wash: This product is made 100% from olive oil and is foaming agent free so don’t squeeze it into the stream of warm water from the bath tap and expect bubbles! But that’s a good thing, those additives and chemicals are not good for the skin. However it can be lathered to cleanse the skin or hair. I grabbed Miss J’s washer and applied a small amount the size of a five-cent piece and rubbed the washer together quite briskly. A small amount of lather built up which I just used to gently rub over baby’s body. I also squeezed some into my hand and gently massaged onto her scalp to use as a shampoo. After a rinse and dry her skin was soft, moist and plump. Not the dry feeling we sometimes get when using standard off-the-shelf products. Her hair dried lovely and soft and silky smooth too. I’m quite impressed with this wash with its minimal ingredients. A body wash and/or shampoo that are free of chemicals are so so hard to find. And makes me cringe a little less when Miss J grabs the washer and starts slurping down the bath water.

I will definitely be using these products regularly in my home. Being a Mummy who cringes at the impact skincare products containing chemicals and man-made preservatives has on my little girls skin, I’m relieved to find a range that I feel comfortable using on my girls. So much so, that I feel confident using them multiple times a day without hesitation. When I need to replace each product as they run out I think I will get the option with the pump action dispenser for the lotion and the wash.

Thanks again, Miriam!

Four Cow Farm Baby KitFour Cow Farm Baby KitLester and Darnie Four Cow Farm Baby Kit

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