It’s Christmas and everyone goes NUTS!!

It’s Christmas and everyone goes NUTS …

It’s that time of year when we are bombarded with Christmas decorations, tacky light displays (some are beautiful) and a plethora of toys to buy our kids. In our rush for the bargains, bonbons and Christmas ham we seem to forget the true meaning of Christmas, but that’s another story!

In our house we are faced with the decision on where to spend Christmas! We both come from big families and we are spread between Brisbane and Bundaberg so it makes it hard to ALL be together at this time of year. Now we have our own family it’s time to start our own traditions – what will they look like?

Since having a child with allergies, it’s become so obvious to me, everyone’s obsession with nuts at Christmas time! Before children I loved the process of cracking the nuts throughout the day with a shandy in one hand. I think I even bought my dad a less than appropriate nut cracker once for Christmas – awkward!

Both my husband and I come from Italian families, so they love their nuts! And they also love the double-sided cheek kiss, there is no escaping those ones! Just the thought of this is scary for us now. It’s sad to think that our daughter is missing out on this show of love and affection. It’s also very hard to explain to a culture that has never experienced a food allergy epidemic like ours!

There is a tradition in our family where the ladies get together on Christmas Eve to hand make the ravioli for Christmas lunch. With an egg allergy in the midst does this break tradition? Is our daughter going to miss out? Whilst at the moment she can’t be hands on with the pasta making she still can devour it (egg free of course) a little portion put aside just for her.

Our Christmas usually consists of large family gatherings full of stress but a lot of love! Everyone brings too much food, consumes too much food and we waste too much food! The preparation and stress builds the week prior (sometimes months prior) and they reach breaking point just before service! Then we consume it like we haven’t eaten for weeks! In the afternoon some enjoy a snooze and then comes dessert!

Enter the PAVLOVA ………EGGSELLENT! Said no allergy mother ever!

Miriam xo

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